In Tune with Nature: Scissors for gardening

In Tune with Nature:
Scissors for gardening

Scissors are showing their green thumb in the garden, on the balcony and at the window sill: passionate gardeners like nothing better than to devote themselves to the care of their plants. They cut off wilted blooms, nip sprouts and excess foliage, tie stems and long stalks into bundles – and reward themselves for their efforts by cutting some flowers to put in a vase. We have the right scissors for all your gardening needs.

  • Flower Shears

    Flower Shears

    Flower stems or sturdy herbs, roses, small branches or blooms – the sharp, strong blade effortlessly ...
  • Wire shears

    Wire Shears

    Plants should not only grow lushly and bloom, they should also stand sturdily and take their appointed posi ...
  • Lawn-edging Shears

    Lawn-edging Shears

    Lawns are rather uncomplicated greenery; each gardening enthusiast happily views them as an element of desi ...
  • Oil for scissors

    Oil for scissors





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