The Creative Ones: Scissors for Sewing and Handicrafts

The Creative Ones:
Scissors for Sewing and Handicrafts

Sewing and Tailor Scissors

Whether sewing is your passion or your profession – you will want to have a small collection of scissors at your disposal. This, due to the fact that a wide variety of materials can be found on your sewing table, like structured dress fabric and lightweight silk, thick padding and sturdy upholstery fabric, leather or felt, and much more. To enable you to cut all of these precisely and effortlessly, we make special scissors with ideal cutting properties for each respective purpose.

To make your work easy, we even have the purpose-perfect pair of scissors for sewing tasks like trimming edges, cutting thread, or opening seams.

Handicraft Scissors

Embroidery and knitting, patchworking and crocheting – those who invest patience and dedication to cultivate the diversified art of handicraft work, also treasure the special scissors made expressly for these tasks.

  • Fabric and tailor scissors

    Fabric and Tailor Scissors

    This type of scissors is asymmetrically shaped: the lower blade lies flat during cutting and its entire len ...
  • Sewing scissors

    Sewing Scissors

    It is symmetrically formed; the blades are straight and tapered to a point – a design that endorses t ...
  • Pinking shears

    Pinking Shears

    Pinking shears are perfect for cutting textiles and trims without causing fraying. Ornamental edges can be ...
  • Handicraft scissors

    Handicraft Scissors

    The handicraft scissors is an all-rounder: strong enough to cut normal fabrics and fine enough to reliably ...
  • Pocket scissors

    Pocket scissors

    Its origin can actually be found in the hobby and office segments – but it is also the perfect instru ...
  • One-ring weaver's scissor

    One-ring weaver's scissor

    The one-ring weaver’s scissors is also known as a ring finger scissors and has its origin in weaving ...
  • Embroidery scissors

    Embroidery scissors

    With its graceful shape and exquisite tip, this scissors is predestined for truly complex, precision requir ...
  • Buttonhole scissors

    Buttonhole scissors

    For precision dressmaking, buttonhole scissors add the finishing touch. The typical notch on the blades of ...
  • Industrial scissors

    Industrial scissors

    This scissors was originally developed for the textile industry and proved itself to be so practical, that ...
  • Silhouette scissors

    Silhouette scissors

    Originally from the hobby sector, anyone who has ever made a paper cutting as a window decoration is aware ...
  • Rooster scissors

    Rooster scissors

    The rooster scissors is a real collector’s item. With its bird-like silhouette and the fine, feathery ...
  • Stork scissors

    Stork scissors

    It is an all-time classic and its lovingly playful shape makes it particularly popular: the stork scissors. ...
  • Oil for scissors

    Oil for scissors





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