The practical helpers: Kitchen scissor

The practical helpers:
Kitchen scissor

Hardly any other area of application is so diverse and demanding for a pair of scissors than the kitchen. Wrappers are opened, baking paper and foils cut to size, kitchen twine is severed, herbs snipped and cooking ingredients prepared. And we can provide you with the right precision instrument for each of these tasks – our kitchen range spans every application from multi-purpose scissors on to pizza shears.

Our entire range of kitchen scissors is hygienic, anti-allergenic and acid-resistant.

  • Universal scissors

    Universal scissors

    This is the all-rounder among the scissors. The scissor blades are made of rust-free and exceptionally hard ...
  • Poultry shears

    Poultry shears

    Those who like to cook can’t do without poultry shears. The shears enable perfect preparation when ra ...
  • Fish shears

    Fish shears

    Fresh fish demands special attention during preparation: scales are removed and fins are clipped it is gutt ...
  • Herb Snippers

    Herb snippers

    Herbs are highly demanding cutting goods. Leaves and stems are delicate and sensitive, and crushing should ...
  • Pizza shears

    Pizza shears

    A feast for the eyes: when it comes to cutting a mouth-watering, generously garnished pizza, pizza shears w ...
  • Oil for scissors

    Oil for scissors





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