The hard workers: Scissors in the office

The hard workers:
Scissors in the office

The paper-free office is a wonderful utopian concept – but until it becomes reality, there is not one desk or office that gets along without at least one good pair of scissors. Whether a sheet of paper needs to be cut apart or an article needs to be clipped from the newspaper; whether a thread that is hanging from a seam needs to be snipped or a stubborn plastic envelope needs to be cut open – we have the perfect instrument for every task.

  • The All-rounder

    The All-rounder

    This is the universal tool among the scissors and belongs at every workplace, whether at home or in the off ...
  • Paper scissors

    Paper Scissors

    Their design is completely geared to cutting paper. Particularly long blades with single-surface precision ...
  • Hobby Scissors

    Hobby Scissors

    Even an office is not a hobby-free zone – one only needs to be reminded of the lovingly crafted birth ...
  • Oil for scissors

    Oil for scissors





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